Eye Care is In Unprecedented Growth

Authors: Rose Wynne Brooks, Amnon Keynan

Practices embracing the growth opportunity know one key lever is to expand operational capacity.  Why? Because these practices are experiencing a chokehold on their ability to process patients which limits opportunities to proactively grow.

Successful growth strategies for the practice need to address the paradigm shift to Surgeons being Surgeons.  This opens the door to increasing patient intake, higher revenue per patient and focus on the best advanced patient experience.

Successful growth strategies for the practice need to address the paradigm shift to Surgeons being Surgeons.

How can Surgeons reduce or eliminate chair time with patients and even improve the quality of care?

  • Optimize patients’ surgical expectations with better prepared patients ready to make decisions and communicate clear expectations.
  • Streamline the surgical practice workflow around the surgeon, enabling the surgeon to focus on surgical procedures only.
  • Reshape OD relationships to supplement the surgical patient preparation process for cohesive message to the patient and for more patients.

The momentum of change in Eye Care is increasing and this is an exciting opportunity for innovative practices to become top of the league by creating a plan to address measurable business objectives.

What are the objectives of an advanced practice plan committed to capture the market opportunity?

  • Reduce or eliminate patient chair time with surgeons and improve quality of care. Move patient education and preparation from “chair time” to the gap between diagnosis and the evaluation appointment.
  • Achieve higher value per patient. Leverage predictive patient information before they arrive and define the right resource to best fit patient needs.
  • Help staff focus on patients who really need the time. Know the patients before they arrive at the practice.

Now, as the growth trend starts, is the time to make the conscious choice and take the initiative to control the practices’ destiny.

  • Shorter practice evaluation workflow means more patients/day. One additional patient a day is additional revenue of $40,000/year.
  • Proactively plan each cataract evaluation day and reduce the chokehold on practice capacity.
  • Raise the bar with the referral network. Proactive collaboration for patient experience through technology in which the referring OD, the surgical practice and the patient are all on one cohesive process.
  • Preserve the patient experience knowledge through staff turnover, with continuity of expertise needed to consult with patients.

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