Fight Medicare Cuts with Ziemer and Surgiorithm

Use the Most Efficient Laser and Tap the Power of Internal Marketing

From ZiemerUSA.Com: Medicare’s 2020 Fee Schedule will cut cataract surgery reimbursement for cataract surgery by 15%. The new fee schedule affects “complicated cataract surgery” the hardest with a $97 reduction; “non-complicated” procedures will take $47 hit, according to The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. ASCRS notes that though it is a decrease the rate is “equitable relative to payments of other physician services of similar time and intensity.” Read more at

“Ziemer USA, Inc.: Our friends at Surgiorithm have an excellent internal marketing system.”

The rule will be finalized in November 2019 and is expected to shrink cataract surgery compensation up to 15%.

  1. How to Make Up For Lost Revenue
  2. Perform more premium procedures
  3. Stem the flow of lost patients due to sticker shock
  4. Stop haggling over price
  5. Increase patient satisfaction and referrals

A surgeon with an average workflow could lose up to $90,000 in revenue due to reduced compensation for cataract surgery. A good start on that goal is the Ziemer Z8, the efficiency expert of femtosecond lasers (signup for a demo). The laser itself is fast and low energy which speeds up patient recovery. You’ll also get a boost from its mobility. Because it’s so compact with a 3×5’ footprint. It easily fits in your OR, and you can share it between rooms to increase its workload instead of yours.

Now, let’s talk about making your workflow more profitable. Our friends at Surgiorithm have an excellent internal marketing system. It starts priming patients about their procedure before their first appointment. IOL options and pricing are reviewed before you see them. This allows you to focus on the medical needs of the patient without becoming a salesperson.

Surgiorithm, a cataract surgery workflow system, has a whitepaper that outlines their approach. Please fill out the form to download it.

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