Drs. Zimmerman and Wiley share their experience with Surgiorithm

Published: This content was published by Ophthalmology Management in the November 2019 issue

As a cataract surgeon, you strive to provide each patient with a personalized experience, understanding the patient’s lifestyle and visual goal so you can provide an optimal outcome.

“Customers explain how Surgiorithm can help you streamlining your chair time, increasing patient volume and revenue.”

Unfortunately, your packed schedule may not allow you to understand each patient as well as you’d like when he or she visits your office and discuss cataract surgery options.

Surgiorithm can help you understand your patient’s needs before they arrive at your office, streamlining your chair time, increasing education and potentially increasing premium surgery rates, patient volume and revenue – all crucial in an era of declining reimbursement. View the full feature by clicking here.

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