Interviewer: Rosemary Repar MBA- R2R Marketing Consulting

How does Surgiorithm help you?
Surgiorithm helps me become more efficient in clinic because I save time. Time is always at a premium, I’m always struggling with ideally wanting to spend more time with patients so it helps me determine which patient requires more time and those that don’t require it.

What is unique in Surgiorithm that you have not seen in other patient facing software or services?
Surgiorithm helps educate patients and gives me a perspective on what patients are thinking when it comes to cataract surgery.

“I would recommend Surgiorithm to my colleagues because it will make them more efficient and the ROI is great.”

What do you believe is the biggest patient benefit?
It’s a great patient benefit because they are more comfortable, educated and already have a good idea of cataract surgery options. They understand they have choices and have already had a chance to process the information ahead of their visit and discuss them with friends and family.

What are some advantages since you implemented Surgiorithm into the practice?
The biggest advantages of Surgiorithm are that the patient is already educated and understands they have choices, second, I understand the patient’s personality, so it gives me a synopsis of who the patient is and what their goals are.

In what ways has Surgiorithm impacted your daily patient processing experience?
It shows me the direction the patient is leaning toward as to what type of cataract surgery the patient is willing to have. It gives me a synopsis and a score -if they are interested in a basic cataract surgery, or are on the fence, and most importantly gives me guidance on the likeliness they will convert to an upgraded procedure. It provides color coded percentage breakdowns, which is helpful when I am running behind.

Have your patient surgical conversions changed?
With Surgiorithm the percentage of our upgrades have increased because patients are more aware of choices and realize the value of committing to an upgrade.

What would you say to an ophthalmologist friend regarding it? Would you recommend Surgiorithm?
I would recommend Surgiorithm to my colleagues because it will make them more efficient and the ROI is great, even if you convert just one extra patient it covers its cost-it pays for itself!

From your staff’s perspective, has there been any added value?
You can depend on Surgiorithm as a substitute for the patient educator. It can help guide the counselor’s patient conversation since it shows their inclination to upgrade and if they have any concerns such as financing.

How does the practice level data reporting impact your daily work?
Sometimes we assume things that aren’t reality; the analytics allows us to look at the practice as a whole, and immediately make appropriate changes if we are not meeting our expectations.

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