Joel Gaslin sits down with Bill Wiley, MD of the Cleveland Eye Clinic and Amnon Keynan of Surgiorithm

Cognified Marketing and Selling podcast

From Joel’s blog: “In this episode of the Cognified Marketing and Selling podcast, host Joel Gaslin sits down with Bill Wiley, MD of the Cleveland Eye Clinic and Amnon Keynan of Surgiorithm. Bill Wiley is a cataract and refractive surgeon in Cleveland, Ohio. Amnon Keynan is the CEO of Surgiorithm, which is a digital communication platform for educating patients and informing doctors. In this episode, these three professionals discuss the commercialization of the eye care industry, the growing need for cataract surgeries, and the future of technology in healthcare.



Dr. Wiley: “Surgiorithm was seamless from the day we incorporated it, we took a step forward and it made our life easier”

One of the current problems in the world of eye care is that doctors are experiencing an influx of patients who need cataract surgery and subsequently need to be educated about the procedure, vision options, payment options, and quality-of-life expectations. This education is crucial to both alleviate stress from the patient and sell the procedure as a whole. But how can doctors handle this influx of work without spending countless hours in the chair? According to Amnon, Surgiorithm is currently alleviating these issues through cloud-based technologies that educate patients, informs surgeons, and provides a holistic analysis of the upgrade process. In doing so, Amnon discusses the story of Surgiorithm, explains the software’s predictive algorithms, and walks through the Surgiorithm process from the patient and surgeon’s perspectives.” Continue reading, click here.

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