For patients, information overload means important details get lost or forgotten, leading to confused patients, delayed decisions, and fewer premium conversions, and ultimately, lower revenue. An innovative approach to patient education–one that takes place prior to the appointment–can change all of that.

An educated patient is a confident patient. And patients who are confident in their choices are more satisfied with their surgical outcomes. The problem? Patient education is never simple, and when patients don’t fully understand their options, it’s your practice that pays the price.

When patients are prepared
at-home, they make more informed decisions and premium rates increase

Information overload and decision fatigue are real, and they lead patients to opt for “just what my insurance pays for” or worse, postpone their cataract surgery altogether, wasting valuable chair time in the process. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

An innovative patient education process—one that happens at home, before the appointment—allows your patients time to absorb new information, consult with family and friends, and come to their consultation ready to make confident decisions.

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