Capture More Referral Patients with Immediate Engagement, Activation and Education.


Surgiorithm’s new add-on patient self-enrollment module: value for patients, practices and referring providers.

Strong referral relationships with ODs and PCPs as well as consistent lead generation are essential for cataract practices to maintain a steady flow of new patients. Surgiorithm’s new Patient Self-Enrollment option addresses both challenges by closing the communication loop between patients, cataract practices and their referring providers.

Tighten the referral process, reduce “lost” patients, and schedule more cataract evaluations

With the new module the patient experiences a single, cohesive, and integrated education solution from the moment of referral. This increases patient active engagement and confidence in the practice. Early patient engagement and education provides value to patients by clarifying their surgical options, allowing time to process the options, and easing their decision-making process.

The Patient Self-Enrollment option provides value to cataract practices by establishing a relationship at the earliest point in the patient journey. Hence the practice can tighten the referral process, reduce “lost” patients, and schedule more cataract evaluations.

The pre-visit education program results in a Patient Insight Report that helps the surgeon conduct a focused consultation customized to the patient’s wants and needs. Plus, patient self-enrollment offers lead generation/qualification and market differentiation. Because patients receive the program from their trusted referring provider, it adds another level of credibility to the ophthalmology practice.

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