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  • 92% Patient Satisifaction ("Better Prepared")
  • 9 min Use Time Thoughtful Process


A set of 3 calendars with dollar signs in the center.

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Clipboard with checkmarks

Customizable Reports for Your Convenience


In-person Practice Training

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Who We Are

Surgiorithm’s ophthalmology solution, ClearUp, was developed via collaboration between experienced cataract surgeons and healthcare information technology leaders. Surgiorithm is based in Nashville, TN.

Shawn Chapman
Co-Founder Chief Technology & Product Technology co-founder 3 companies
Big data & population profiling expert
Biomedical Engineer (Vanderbilt)
Amnon Keynan
Co-Founder CEO Serial entrepreneur
IT Executive in large enterprises
8 years in healthcare
Diane Weiner
Co-Founder Business & Operations Healthcare entrepreneur (25 years)
Health benefits
Michael D. Snow
Business Advisor Healthcare Executive Former CEO,
TeamHealth (NYSE)
Eugene Vorobeychik Ph.D
Scientific Advisor Assistant Professor Computer Science & Engineering
Vanderbilt School of Engineering
Igal Zamir
Business Advisor Shareholder Fast growth global businesses
Preference Based Retail
CEO NASDAQ company
Brendie Keane RN
Patient Experience Healthcare Executive Patient experience
Clinical research Vanderbilt
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Diane Weiner