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Author: Shareef Mahdavi

Nashville-based Surgiorithm solves this issue in a way that is sustainable and affordable for the busy surgeon. Started by highly experienced healthcare executives who understand both patient communications and predictive modeling, they have proven their system to increase patient understanding prior to the consultation.

Both patient and surgeon enter the consult better prepared and leave more satisfied.

Their value proposition relieves the staff and surgeon from the initial educational component.  Surgiorithm takes all patients scheduled for cataract surgery and offers a high-touch / high-tech approach that begins with a telephone call made on behalf of the practice by a live human being (imagine that!).
Surgiorithm’s call team kindly and patiently explains the goal of helping the patient learn about their options while also helping their surgeon understand their specific needs and concerns. What follows is an an “online interview” which has been validated over more than 2,300 cataract surgery patients.
The results are highly encouraging: 85% of patients with access to a computer or smart phone are completing the interview. A backup protocol is used for the less tech-savvy. Each patient receives a summary report of their responses.  The practice and surgeon receive an “Insight Report” (see the figure above for a partial view of the report) that gives them a one-page snapshot that is easily scanned prior to walking in the room.

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