When patients and surgeons are better prepared everybody wins … and the game is changing.

When patients and surgeons are better prepared everybody wins … and the game is changing.

Patients arrive to their evaluation engaged and prepared, understanding they have choices, ready to discuss their best fit decision.

The practice gains insights into the patient’s preference for basic or premium, or “maybe” prior the appointment.

For cataract practices seeking to increase capacity, Surgiorithm:

  • Optimizes chair time
  • Helps patients understand their options and prepare for their evaluation
  • Provides doctors with a smoother consultation workflow

How It Works

Patient At-Home



Scheduled patients get a secured link

Patient At-Home


Preparation is focused on outcomes



Practice receives patient insight report


Predictive algorithm for patient’s decision

“Surgiorithm’s feedback loop gives information back to the doctor on which way the patient is leaning. Armed with this, I am more efficient in making sure they understand which option they want to choose.”
— Bill Wiley, M.D.

What Is Surgiorithm

“Surgiorithm has completely changed my cataract practice. Providing patients with easy to understand education, covering all of the options available, has opened the door to conversations I never expected to have. Patients are not only educated, they are initiating the conversions. My outcomes are great and my patients are happy, WIN, WIN.”
— Amy Zimmerman, M.D. Katzen Eye Group

I’m Pleasantly Surprised

“I would recommend Surgiorithm to my colleagues because it will make them more efficient and the ROI is great”
— Shamik Bafna, M.D.


An Informed Practice

The marketing dashboard provides unique actionable data about your practice.

  • Your attainable premium cataract market vs. actual.
  • The value of each of your referral sources.

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