We believe that well prepared patients and surgeons collaborate better, trust each other more and love the interaction.


Surgiorithm delivers a paradigm shift in cataract patient evaluation by giving patients a voice in the cataract evaluation process.


Using patient input and a predictive algorithm, surgeons understand their patients' priorities before walking into the room.


When patients & surgeons are better prepared, everyone wins.

  • Streamlining the evaluation process and maximizing chair time.
  • Familiarizing the surgeon and staff with the patient’s needs while preparing the patients to consider their options.
  • Jump starting the communication during consultation.
  • Delivering valuable real-time analytics that would otherwise demand resources from staff.
How it Works?For Patients at Home

  • Patient is guided through questions to help define their lifestyle needs and sight goals.
  • Immediate results help the team with a concise and customizable report.
  • The practice team reviews this report before the consult, to address patient priorities.

I find it to be extremely effective in metering what I say to patients

— Glenn N. Pomerance, M.D.

We can better accommodate the patient

— Glenn N. Pomerance, M.D.

Patients know they have decisions to make and now they are better prepared

— Julia Mack

For me as the surgeon, Surgiorithm has simplified and streamlined the conversation

— Joshua Young, M.D.
An Informed Practice
The marketing dashboard provides unique actionable data about your practice.
  • Your attainable premium cataract market vs. actual.
  • The value of each of your referral sources.