When patients and surgeons are better prepared everybody wins … and the game is changing.


Patients arrive to their evaluation engaged and prepared, so they can make their best fit decision.


The practice gains insights into the patient’s preference for basic or premium before the appointment.


For cataract practices seeking to increase capacity, Surgiorithm:

  • Optimizes chair time
  • Helps patients understand their options and prepare for their evaluation
  • Provides doctors with a smoother consultation workflow
How It WorksAs a Seamless Extension of the Practice - For Patients at Home

  • Patients guided by a thoughtful process at home, focused on options for outcomes
  • Practice receives patient insight report
  • Report reflects a predictive algorithm on patient’s most likely decision

I find it to be extremely effective in metering what I say to patients

— Glenn N. Pomerance, M.D.

We can better accommodate the patient

— Glenn N. Pomerance, M.D.

Patients know they have decisions to make and now they are better prepared

— Julia Mack

For me as the surgeon, Surgiorithm has simplified and streamlined the conversation

— Joshua Young, M.D.
An Informed Practice
The marketing dashboard provides unique actionable data about your practice.
  • Your attainable premium cataract market vs. actual.
  • The value of each of your referral sources.