Changing the way surgeons increase revenue by capturing opportunities currently being missed

Elective surgery is transitioning to a consumer-driven model where patients have multiple treatment options with financial consequences

Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgical procedure in the U.S.

$1 billion revenue per year is lost from patients who would upgrade to premium options, but aren’t guided toward that possibility.

Our mission is to help ophthalmic practices close this gap.

$1B / year is missed for patients

Surgiorithm brings value to ophthalmic practices by:

Streamlining the evaluation process and making the most of chair time

Familiarizing the surgeon and the staff with the patient’s needs while preparing the patient to consider their options

Easing the communication during consultation

Delivering valuable data through real-time analytics that would otherwise demand resources from staff

Serving as an internal practice marketing tool and capturing missed revenue

Fusion Office

Surgeon and Patient Interaction

Surgiorithm’s product uses patient-provided data and proprietary predictive analytics to better prepare patients and surgeons for the cataract consultation. The algorithm identifies a patient’s likelihood to upgrade to premium lenses and provides visibility into upgrade opportunities currently being missed.

patient surgeon screens


Achieved 50% above-market upgrades for premium cataract lenses with strong positive impact on patient satisfaction.

Standing out of the crowd

Cataract Surgeons Says

Surgiorithm drew my attention to premium lens candidates I might have missed

Cataract Surgeon Says

With so many lens choices available today, narrowing the focus helps patients recognize their best fit

Owner of Eye Medical Center

The product gets patients on-board and engaged, and helps everyone in the practice to be aligned with patients’ needs as one team

Medical Director and Chief Surgeon of Eye Medical Center

Now I have a solution to prevent good premium candidates from walking out the door without getting their best fit

Surgical Technician Says

Asking patients questions makes them aware of their options, and then helps the technician focus on what is relevant to the patient

Patient Counselor with Eye Surgical Practice Says

When the patient understands that I know them in a deeper way, we gain their trust and confidence

Patient Counselor with Eye Surgical Practice Says

I used to go into the education session blindsided.  Now I know my patient’s preferences and likelihood to upgrade before the session begins

Patient (Female Age 68) says

Now I know I have options, and it is not just a procedure

Patient (Male Age 72) says

I can’t speak the doctor’s language; you helped to deliver my messages the way the doctor can understand me

Patient (Female Age 69) says

Surgiorithm helped me consider new things and the outcome I want


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